Interact with researchers who inspire you, and challenge our views.


Surrounded by scientific discoveries from the Dinosaurs Gallery (Museum), researchers who were granted Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) funding will share their experience and answer questions about their scientific projects on Friday 24/09. A short plenary session is followed by informal exchanges in small groups. Interactive sessions will also be organised in the Planetarium on Saturday 25/09.


Plenary session and informal exchanges
on 24/09 at
18:00 (in English)
in the Museum.

Interactive sessions
on 25/09 at
11:30 (in Dutch),
12:30 (in French),
14:30 (in English),
15:30 (in English)
in the Planetarium.


Museum: Dinosaurs Gallery

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Registration is free, but places are limited!

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