WiseNight takes place in the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Planetarium in Brussels, two historic landmarks where research has been conducted for almost two centuries.

It is possible to go from an activity in one place to the other, but take at least 30-50 minutes of travel time into account, depending on your mode of transport.

Museum of Natural Sciences

Sat. 28/09

The Museum of Natural Sciences is a dynamic museum for young and old, known worldwide for its Dinosaur Gallery, which is the largest in Europe. Parking possibilities are limited in the area of the Museum and the car park is only accessible to visitors with reduced mobility. We strongly recommend to use public transport (Belgian Rail, STIB/MIVB, TEC and De Lijn).

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Fri. 27/09 and Sat. 28/09

The Planetarium of Brussels is a museum on Astronomy. Countless movies about space are shown every year, projected on the Planetarium’s large dome. The Planetarium is located near the Heysel and can easily be reached by public transport and by car.

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