Are you a teacher and would you like your students to meet and exchange with researchers at your own school or at the Institute of Natural Sciences? WiseNight partners are organising activities year-round!

What is it really to be a scientist?

Some children and teenagers are never in contact with researchers, technicians, museums or research organisations. The “Researchers at schools” events fill this gap:

  • female scientists meet groups of children/teenagers and share their passion, pleasure and satisfaction of doing research, as well as their career path and hurdles.
  • Children/teenagers ask questions without taboo, and a meaningful conversation is started, that might facilitate the future choice for scientific, engineering and technical studies and jobs.


Pupils and researchers meet and exchange without taboo

Candid and open exchanges between pupils and female researchers, with a self-reflexion moment for the children/teenagers.

Female scientists (including Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellows) and technical staff meet children and teenagers, pitch their research and interact with pupils on their research topic, career path, study choices, hurdles and passions.

These events are organised throughout 2024-2026, either at your school or the Vrije Universiteit Brussel campus (VUB), the Planetarium and the Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels. Various formats are offered e.g. VUB hands-on workshop for pupils in the third grade of primary education, as well as artistic interventions linked to the central theme for students in the third grade of secondary education; inflatable Planetarium; Ekoli & GoodPlanet workshop; Institute Climate Day and Soil Day/

Teachers from primary and secondary schools can contact to arrange a session.


On request  


NL – FR  


6-11 / 12-14 / 15-17 

Max. nr of participants: 30

Climate and evolution at the Institute for natural sciences

Candid and open exchanges between pupils and female researchers, with a self-reflexion moment for the children/teenagers.

A day around climate, evolution and science.

Every major extinction wave is linked to major climate changes. Climate is thus one of the determining factors in the evolution of life on Earth.

Our guide will take you on a tour of the Institute’s halls to tell you more about climate change and its impact on biodiversity through the history of our planet. 

You will also get actively involved yourself in the climate carousel: using 3 semi-autonomous board games, you will learn about climate and evolution independently.

Finally, scientists from the institute will talk to the group about their research, choice of study and career. They do not shy away from difficult questions!

Available for 30 or 60 pupils


9.30 – 15.30 


NL – FR – EN 




  • 27/9/2024
  • 4/10/2024
  • 10/1/2025
  • 17/1/2025
  • 31/1/2025
  • 7/2/2025

(other dates depending on availability)