“Proxima” tells the story of Sarah, a young ESA astronaut who gets chosen for a 1-year mission in the International Space Station. Sarah struggles both physically (she is the only woman) and mentally (she prepares for the separation with her 8-year-old daughter).


“Proxima” is an inspiring movie about women in science and the balance between a very challenging job and a healthy family life. The movie highlights the challenges that women still face today when they want to embrace a scientific career in combination with normal family life. It will be followed by a short discussion about the current status of women in science in Belgium. You will also learn about the strong involvement of European researchers in world-class astronomy.

The movie is directed by Alice Winocour, lead role by Eva Green and distributed by AKA Agency.


18:00 to 19:50

14:00 to 15:50


EN (with FR/NL subtitles)


Planetarium: Dome.
The audience is invited to enjoy this amazing movie projected on the Planetarium’s large dome.

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